• Renovations

    Whether you are adding an extension, renovating the entire house or something in between, you will find no better value than M.S. Painting Plus. We focus on providing quality products, services and ultimately exceeding client expectations.

    M.S. Painting Plus brings true value to homeowners. Working with customers throughout the process of customizing homes to meet specific needs is the way we do business. With an emphasis on the highest quality workmanship, tenacious project supervision, and dedicated attention-to-detail, we are able to deliver beyond our customers' expectations time after time. With every job, we seek to guarantee your satisfaction, and to fulfill all your dreams.

    Basement Remodelling

    Most basements are unfinished and are not part of the total square footage of the house. They are often not utilized for the additional space and value they can add to your home.
    By embarking on a basement renovation project with M.S. Painting Plus, you're beginning the process of creating an entertainment retreat, a games room for the kids or a general increase in the liveable area of your home.
    You may decide to renovate your basement to provide additional rooms for a growing family, increase your available guest rooms, increase your liveable space and/or to create a basement suite. Whatever the reason you decide to address your basement renovation needs, the M.S. Painting Plus team can help turn your dream into a reality.

    Kitchen Remodelling

    The kitchen is one of the most important and popular areas in the home. In most homes the kitchen is the most used and central hub of activity.
    Whether your kitchen is big or small, we can do it all. From refinishing cabinetry to expanding the area of your kitchen and completely replacing appliances and counters etc., M.S. Painting Plus can assist with your kitchen renovation project.
    Our talented Design partners will provide the design for the upgrading of existing kitchens, improving the layout and facilitating movement and flow. It is widely accepted that kitchen renovations offer some of the largest rates of return on investment.
    It’s always been said “home is where the heart is”. If the “heart” is characterized by activities, gatherings, good time, great food and memories then we have to say your kitchen is the heart of the home.
    At M.S. Painting Plus we recognize and understand the dynamics and importance of your kitchen. We get it; this is the place where you connect most with your family and loved ones. We also understand that some of the most delicious delights and taste budding senses occur here too.
    Design is perhaps the most important step before starting to construct the kitchen of your dreams. M.S. Painting Plus will work with you to design your kitchen to maximize your space and give you a room that you will never want to leave.
    We look forward to designing and building your kitchen.

    Bathroom Remodelling

    Deciding to renovate one or more of your bathrooms can be one of the most exciting projects you will ever undertake. Along with kitchens, bathroom remodelling projects offer very high rates of return on your investment. Bathrooms are a very functional part of your home. They are a place of relaxation, a comfortable retreat as well as being functional and having exceptional aesthetic appeal. When you embark on a bathroom renovation project with us, we will take pleasure in helping you to create your own personal space.

    We Give Back

    A portion of our revenue will be donated to help build homes for the poor in the Dominican Republic. Click on the links below to watch the videos.

    2014 Mission Trip

    2013 Mission Trip

    2012 Mission Trip